Hello, my sweet friends.. I am so excited to share this post with you today.. Last month is my birthday month and I am so excited to celebrate my birthday this year.. I really wanted to create a Ladurée inspired high tea/ afternoon tea party at home. So I’ve deiced to create these lovely little pastel colored cakes I truly love how they turned out and they really remind me of Ladurée with all the beautiful pastel colors. These cakes are so easy to make and I am so excited to share this tutorial with you on how to create these adorable pastel colored cakes inspired by Ladurée..

These cakes are very easy to make, the first step is to get some delicious fresh scones you can find these in your local supermarket/ bakery or you can even bake these yourself you can find the recipe here Then you get some buttercream I like to use Betty Crocker Buttercream from our local supermarket. Then you add the buttercream into the microwave (make sure to remove the plastic lid and silver paper) for two minutes until it’s hot and smooth, it usually has a yellow substance then you pour the melted buttercream into a large bowl stir it a couple of times, then you get three separate bowls and in every bowl, you add some buttercream and some food coloring.. I liked to use a pink color for my pink cakes, a pastel green color and for the yellow color, I’ve let the buttercream as it is, because it has a natural soft yellow color from the buttercream. Then you add your scones into the bowls with the colors that you like to use for your tea cakes, I made two pastel green ones, two pastel yellow ones and two pastel pink ones.. Then you let your cakes dry for a couple of minutes and then voila you have your adorable little Pastel colored mini cakes inspired by Ladurée..

I truly love how these cakes turned out. They truly look so adorable and they’re so delicious.. I really love these pretty pastel colors and they truly remind me of the pretty pastel colors from Ladurée. I’ve also created a wonderful Ladurée inspired high tea with these adorable cakes, I also added my Ladurée bag I’ve added some pretty florals in there for decoration, I also have some delicious macarons in my favourite pastel colors and flavors, and I added my favourite china pieces, my favourite teapot with pastel florals and my pretty pink one, and of course my favourite little teacup. I truly love how this table turned out and I hope that I can inspire you to create a wonderful Ladurée inspired high tea at home with these adorable pastel colored cakes.

This was my tutorial for How to make these adorable pastel colored cakes inspired by Ladurée.. I hope I can inspire you and I am wishing you a wonderful day filled with lots of love, joy health and happiness.. May you can spend it with your loved ones and may all your dreams and wishes come true.. Sending you lots of love

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