Hello, my sweet friends.. I am so excited to share this post with you today.. I recently made the most adorable little madeleine cakes for the Spring season and I thought it would be so fun to share with you today.. How I’ve made these adorable little cakes.. They’re so easy and so fun to make and they’re the perfect little treat for the Spring.

I recently made some adorable little madeleine cakes. you can make them yourself.. you can find the recipe here or you can get some from the supermarket.. You can find my favorite Madeleine cakes from the supermarket here. These are my favorite little treat to have with a delicious cup of tea.. I thought to make them look extra more pretty and decorate them with some pink buttercream. I like to melt my buttercream in the microwave for 2 minutes to make it nice and smooth, then I add my buttercream into a bowl and add some food coloring. I like to add a pretty pink color to my buttercream to make it look a nice pink color.. Then I will dip the madeleine cake into the bowl I like to cover half of the cake with the melted buttercream to make it look nice and pretty.. when I dip my cakes into the bowl I like to flip the bowl to the side a little bit so that I can cover the cakes with the buttercream.. Once you have covered your madeleine cakes with the buttercream.. I added some pretty pink blossom sugar florals on there to make it look extra more pretty. I just love how these cakes turned out you can watch the full tutorial here.

This is my little tutorial for How to create the most adorable little madeleine cakes for the Spring.. These are my favorite little treat and I just love how they turned out.. and I hope that I can inspire you to make these delicious treats for the Spring and Summer season.. and I am wishing you a wonderful day filled with lots of Love, Joy, Health and Happiness.. May you can spend it with your Loved ones.. Sending you Lots of Love

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