Hello my sweet friends I am so excited to share this post with you.. Today I am sharing some wonderful tips for how to feel like a princess in the Summer season.. I am so in love with the summer season and this Summer I really wanted to live it to the fullest and I decided to redecorate our whole garden.. I will be sharing more of our garden makeover in the coming weeks. I really wanted to feel like a Fairy Princess this Summer season and I also wanted to feel like a was in the South of French.. I am so excited to share all of my garden transformations in the upcoming weeks and today I wanted to share some wonderful tips for how to feel like a beautiful princess in the Summer Season:

Decorate your Garden

There is nothing that I love more than spending some time outside in the garden.. especially in the Summer season.. The only thing is I never really did anything to our garden it was never really a place to sit back and relax and this summer I really wanted to change that so I did a whole garden transformation and I cannot wait to share it with you.. I will be sharing mostly video’s on my youtube channel and I will also be sharing some photos from before and after I cannot wait to share this journey with you so stay tuned..


Wear some Beautiful Summer Princess Dresses 

One of the main reasons why I love the Summer season so much is the fact that I can wear beautiful dresses all day long.. I just love to wear pretty dresses and when it gets warmer outside I can finally wear them all day long.. My favourite dresses at the moment are floral and lace dresses.. There is nothing that I love more than to put on a pretty dress and to twirl around in our garden and truly feel like a beautiful princess..


Have a wonderful picnic outside

I just love to have little picnics especially outside in our garden.. I just love the fact that it’s close to our kitchen so I can make myself a cup of tea.. Bring my favourite teapot and teacup and to just enjoy a delicious picnic outside.. I love to take out a white ruffled sheet.. some pillows.. Some of my favourite china pieces and some delicious treats like some scones with some clotted cream and fresh strawberries.. There is just something so enchanting of having a delicious picnic outside and to just enjoying the beautiful warm sunshine.

Have a wonderful High Tea in the Garden

We are having a beautiful picnic table in our garden that I recently cleaned and painted white and I’ve been planning to have a wonderful picnic on there.. To make some beautiful Floral Pieces and Decorate the Picnic table take out some floral and lace table cloth and to create a wonderful picnic outside.. Make some Finger Sandwiches, Bake some Delicious Cakes, Bake some Croissants and to have a wonderful High Tea in our Garden on our Picnic Table.. I just love to have Tea parties in our Garden it’s truly so enchanting and so beautiful..


Make yourself a Delicious Cup of Rose Tea

I just love to treat myself to a delicious cup of tea.. especially in the Summer Season.. There is just something so delicious about having a cup of tea outside while reading a book.. I love to make myself a cup of herb tea with some herbs I found in and around the garden, have some honey and add some rose petals to make it taste even more delicious.


Make some Strawberry Cupcakes

I just love to bake something from scratch and I really wanted to make some Strawberry Cupcakes for the Summer Season.. For the Cupcakes, I’ve been using a basic cupcake recipe and then I make the buttercream, then I puree some strawberries and add two cups of fresh pureed strawberries to the buttercream.. I mix the buttercream and strawberries together and have a delicious strawberry buttercream I will add that to the cupcakes and then I have some delicious strawberry cupcakes perfect for the Summer Season.. Keep an eye out on my youtube channel for the recipe for the Strawberry cupcakes I will be sharing it in one of my upcoming videos

Treat yourself to some Lotions infused with Rosewater

I just love to pamper myself.. Especially in the Summer Season, I love to buy myself some of my favourite lotions infused with rose water these are my favourite, especially for the Summer season. and have a lovely pamper session, make myself a bath with some rose water bath soaps, add some rose unfused bath salts to my bath and to have a lovely self-care evening pampering myself with my favourite lotions and creams..

These were some wonderful tips for How to feel like a beautiful princess in the Summer season.. I will be sharing some garden transformation videos in the upcoming weeks and I cannot wait to share with you what I’ve been working on.. in the last couple of weeks So if you like to follow our garden transformation please keep an eye on this space and my Youtube channel at Vania Gomez.. I truly hope I can inspire you and hopefully I will see you very soon with some new inspiration.. Wishing you a beautiful day and sending you Lots of Love

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