Hello, my sweet friends.. I am so excited to share this post with you today.. I have had the most magical Summer this year.. If you’ve watched my previous youtube videos.. I turned our old shed into a beautiful Fairy Cottage and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out it looks truly so beautiful and it really is my happy place.. A little place where I can spend some time reading, relaxing and feeling like a beautiful fairy princess.. There is just something about fairies that I love they’re such magical enchanted creatures.. They love nature and to me fairies represent everything beautiful and ethereal.. This little house truly reminds me of a fairy cottage a place in nature,.. being visited by the sweetest animals that live in our garden.. and just being closer to nature this fairy house is truly a place to connect with all the beauty that nature has to offer and it’s a way to be close to all the beautiful creatures that are living beside us and make our world even more beautiful and enchanting.. Today I wanted to share some wonderful tips for How to Spend the day feeling like a beautiful fairy princess..

Spend some time Outside and Enjoy your beautiful surroundings 

I just love to spend some time outside the Fairy Cottage and enjoy all of my beautiful surroundings.. Seeing the sweet animals that are living in our garden enjoying the sunshine, Seeing the bees collecting nectar and being busy at work.. Seeing butterflies around me being as beautiful as they can ever be.. I just love the Summer days and I love to sit outside in nature and to enjoy all the beautiful nature that surrounds me.. I truly feel like a fairy princess being outside surrounded by all the sweet animals and all the beauty that nature has to offer and enjoying the beautiful warm sunshine that glows on my skin.. I don’t know why but spending time in the sun always makes me so feel so happy and so warm inside there is no greater feeling than to spend a beautiful Summer day outside..


Have a Wonderful Picnic at the Fairy Cottage

I just love to have a wonderful picnic especially outside and with our Fairy Cottage looking so beautiful I just love to have a wonderful picnic in front of our Fairy Cottage it’s such a beautiful view and I just love to spend some time here outside.. I just get a white sheet and bake some delicious scones and have the most wonderful picnic outside.. I also love to make myself a delicious cup of tea.. Especially when I am spending some time in nature.. There is nothing more delicious than having a cup of tea and some fresh warm scones with some clotted cream and fresh strawberries when you’re spending some time outside surrounded by all the beautiful nature..

Bake some delicious Strawberry Cupcakes

I just love to bake.. Especially in the Summer Season.. I really wanted to bake something delicious from scratch.. So I decided to bake some Strawberry cupcakes.. I decided to bake some vanilla cupcakes with some fresh strawberry buttercream.. The first step was to make the cupcakes I used a simple recipe you can find the recipe here.. Then I made some buttercream.. and I added some fresh pureed strawberries in there.. and folded the strawberries into the buttercream.. Then I added that buttercream to the cupcakes.. This was such a delicious recipe.. The Strawberries were truly so delicious and tasted like Summer.. You can find the recipe for how to make the strawberry cupcakes here.. This was such a fun recipe and I truly enjoyed making these delicious cupcakes..


Read a little bit in your Favorite Book

I just love to spend some time in nature and to read a little bit in my favourite book.. My favourite book at the moment is a little princess.. I just love this book so much, it’s also very nostalgic to me and it reminds me of my childhood.. A little Princess was my favourite book to read when I was younger and I loved the movie too you can watch the trailer here.. For some reason when it’s Summer I just love to read this book it really brings me back to my childhood the beautiful Summers I spend as a child and dreaming about being a princess.. One of the reasons why I love this story so much is because it really teaches me as a little girl that we are all princesses it doesn’t matter who we are and where we come from we are all princesses in our hearts and we deserve the world.. I do believe that being a princess isn’t a way of having a lot of money or ruling a country.. I believe that a true princess is someone who is kind to all living things.. has forgiveness in her heart for the people that hurt her and always sees the beauty of things.. She loves to dance, bake and is most of all kind to herself as well and treats herself like the beautiful princess that she is..

Twirl Around in your Beautiful Fairy Princess Dress

There is nothing that I love more than wearing a beautiful fairy dress and to just twirling around.. Especially outside to listen to some beautiful music and to dance like no one is watching.. I just love to dance through life.. Because for some reason dancing always makes me happy and to dance and twirl around in a beautiful dress truly makes me feel like a Fairy Princess..


Make a Beautiful Fairy inspired Flower Crown

I do believe that all Fairy Princess should wear a beautiful Fairy Flower Crown.. I just love to make floral crowns.. they always look so beautiful and simply by wearing one you already feel like a beautiful fairy.. Making a flower crown is really easy if you want to you can make one from real flowers that you find in nature.. Just pick some of your favourite flowers and tie them together with some copper wire ( you can find this in your local craft store ) You can also make a beautiful flower crown from some fake flowers just go to some local shops and look for some pretty flowers.. Once you collected some beautiful ones you can make a beautiful flower crown just take some wire to make the crowns and add your flowers on to there.. It depends on which flowers you have, some you can just attach to the wire and you can also use a glue gun to attach the flowers to your crown.. You can also try to make a crown from some things that you find in nature like some sticks or branches.. The fun thing about making a flower crown is that you can make it as beautiful as you like and you can just make one from simple materials that you can find in nature or even with some things that you find in your home.. This is such a fun activity to do and it truly makes you feel like a beautiful Fairy Princess..

Spend some time inside the Fairy Cottage

I just love to spend some time outside to just be in nature always makes me so happy.. Nature is always so beautiful, especially in the Summer and I just love to spend some time.. For some reason being outside always makes me feel like a child again.. We are having some wonderful Summers here in the UK but sometimes it can still be a little bit cold, especially outside.. So I decided to transform our old shed into a beautiful Fairy Cottage just a little place where I can spend some time.. Read a book.. I even love to watch some youtube videos in there.. Light some fairy lights and to truly feel like a Fairy Princess.. Our Fairy Cottage turned out so beautiful and I truly love to spend some time in there and to feel like a Beautiful Fairy Princess..

These were some tips for How to spend the Day feeling like a Fairy Princess.. I hope I can inspire you and I am wishing you a wonderful day filled with lots of Love, Joy, Health and Happiness.. May you can spend it with your loved ones and May all your Dreams and Wishes come true.. Sending you Lots of Love..

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