Hello, my sweet friends.. I am so excited to share this post with you today.. I truly have had the most magical Summer.. I decided to transform our old shed into a Beautiful Fairy Cottage and I just love how everything turned out.. It truly looks so beautiful you can watch the video of How to transform our old shed here and here you can see how I decorated everything.. This was such a fun project and I truly enjoyed every minute of it.. Today I wanted to share some wonderful tips for How to Feel like a Beautiful Fairy Princess inspired by the Fairy Cottage..

Read a Little Bit in your Favorite Book Outside in Nature

I just love to read.. Especially outside I just love to listen to all the birds singing in the background.. Enjoying the Beautiful Sunshine while I am reading and to just being surrounded by all the beautiful nature around me.. There is just something so relaxing and so beautiful about reading a book outside in nature..


Add some Delicious Clotted Cream and Fresh Strawberries to your Scones

I just love to bake some delicious scones and have a wonderful picnic outside.. I love to add some fresh clotted cream and some fresh strawberries with my scones this is such a delicious treat.. I also love to make myself a delicious cup of Chamomile tea and add some honey and rose petals to my tea and of course some Fairy dust..


Decorate the Fairy Cottage 

I am so in love with how our Fairy Cottage turned out you can watch it here.. and because I called it the Fairy Cottage I really wanted to decorate it with some beautiful Fairies.. I got the most adorable little Fairies from the sweetest and most talented Bella Bow Fairy she makes the most enchanted and most beautiful fairies and her Fairies inspired me to create the Fairy Cottage they are truly so magical and so enchanting you can find her beautiful Fairies here

Spend some time inside the Fairy Cottage

I just love to spend some time inside the Fairy Cottage it’s such a beautiful and magical place.. I love to sit on the bed and read in my favourite book, I also love to watch youtube video’s in the Fairy Cottage only beautiful and enchanting fairy inspired ones.. and I just love to spend some time in here to just sit and relax enjoying all the sparkly fairy lights and to just being surrounded by all the beautiful nature.. It’s such a Beautiful enchanting place..


Be Kind to everything and everyone around you

There is nothing more important than to be kind, be kind to all the sweet animals all the people around you and most of all to be kind to yourself.. I truly believe that if you are kind to yourself and the people and animals around you.. You will feel so much better.. I know that unfortunately, we are living in a world where not everyone is nice to you.. But I do feel and I do believe that you need to forgive these people in your heart know that they are maybe going through a hard time themselves and to just let them be.. If they have hurt you in the past try to forgive them and just protect your heart and let them be.. You don’t have to give them any attention just live your life be kind and if someone is mean to you and wants to bring you down just ignore them and spend your energy with the people that are kind to you and that love you for who you are.. Just learn that you don’t have to spend time and energy on people who are mean to you and try to bring you down just ignore them and focus on the people and things that are making you happy.. and most of all always be kind to yourself.. Love yourself for who you are.. and know that you deserve the world and you deserve to be surrounded by the ones that love you for who you are and who lift you up.

Make some Fresh Baked Pastries from Scratch

I just love to bake something from scratch and lately, I just love to make some delicious pastries for myself.. I just love how our home smells heavenly when you bake something from scratch.. I recently enjoyed Baking some Scones from scratch and to decorate them with some clotted cream, some fresh strawberries and adding a sprinkle of powdered sugar.. Such a delicious little treat..


Use some Rose Water infused Beauty Products

There is nothing that I love more than using some rose scented beauty products.. There is just something about the scent of fresh roses that reminds me of fairies.. I just love to spoil myself with some rose scented bath and shower gel and some rose scented body lotion and hand cream.. I just love the scent of roses it makes me feel like I am in nature and I just love the floral rose scent..

These were some tips for How to spend the Day feeling like a Fairy Princess.. I hope I can inspire you and I am wishing you a wonderful day filled with lots of Love, Joy, Health and Happiness.. May you can spend it with your loved ones and May all your Dreams and Wishes come true.. Sending you Lots of Love..

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