Hello my sweet friends I am so excited to share this post with you today.. If you’ve been following me on my youtube channel you would’ve probably seen that This Summer I decided to turn our old shed into a beautiful Fairy Cottage.. We’ve had this ugly old brown shed in our garden for years and we never really did anything about it we used it for storage space.. It was such a dark brown ugly old shed.. We decided to clean it all up painted everything and make something really pretty out of it.. You can watch the video of how we transformed this ugly old shed here..

After we cleaned everything all up ( My boyfriend did most of it.. because it was filled with spiders and because I am scared of them he cleaned the whole shed for me, he is such a sweetheart) I started painting everything white.. I started painting the outside.. I just love to paint it’s so relaxing and I just loved to spend some time outside to paint our shed.. Once I painted the outside I started to paint the inside.. I wanted everything to look really white, shiny and pretty.. I had to use two coats of paint and for the second layer, I choose a Glossy Shiny paint.. you can watch the video of how I painted the shed here and here

After I painted everything .. I went on Pinterest and looked for inspiration for the Fairy Cottage.. I made this beautiful mood board with my inspiration of how I would like the Fairy Cottage to look like.. I wanted lots of pillows, lace trim, pretty lace curtains.. pretty floral bedding and pillows.. I also wanted a canopy with some fairy lights and to turn it into a beautiful little Fairy house..

After I painted everything, I started decorating.. The first thing that I did was to add the bed.. I used two old pallets that I painted white and I added a mattress on there.. Then I added some sheets, a floral blanket and some pretty floral ruffled pillows to the bed.. and to finish it all up I added a canopy with some Fairy Lights.. I just love how it turned out it looks so pretty and cozy and this beautiful bed looks perfect in our little Fairy Cottage you can watch the video of how I decorated the Fairy Cottage here..

After adding the bed I started to decorate the planks.. There were these ugly green planks in the shed that I painted all white and I just love how they turned out.. I added some pretty lace trim on them ( I used some doubled sided tape to attach them to the planks) and then I decorated the planks with some of my favourite vintage treasures.. You can watch how I decorated the planks in the Fairy Cottage here..

Then I added some lace curtains.. some pretty tables. I even made a little fairy table with the fairy that inspired me to create the Fairy Cottage.. I got this beautiful pink Fairy from the sweetest and most talented Bella Bow Fairy you can find her shop here.. She makes the most adorable and enchanting fairies and her fairies inspired me to create the Fairy Cottage.. I also added some more vintage treasures to the Fairy Cottage you can watch how I hang the curtains and decorated the Fairy Cottage here

I also added a pretty drawer that I painted white and some more beautiful china pieces.. I just love how the Fairy Cottage turned out it looks so pretty and you can see a full tour of how the Fairy Cottage turned out here..

I also added some pretty flowers outside to make it look really pretty and we added some fabric from an old Gazebo on the roof of the Fairy Cottage so that it doesn’t get wet.. and hopefully, very soon we will add a brand new roof to the Fairy Cottage and I cannot wait for that little project.. I think especially by living in the UK and lots of rain and cold winters we really have to add a pretty roof to our Fairy Cottage.. I will keep you posted and I truly hope you have enjoyed this Amazing transformation and hopefully I will see you very soon with some new inspiration.. Sending you lots of Love

You can watch: