Hello, my sweet friends.. I am so excited to share this brand-new post with you.. I know that the Fall Season is already in full swing but I just wanted to stay in the Summer Season for just a little longer.. This Summer I’ve been working on some wonderful projects in our garden and I just love how everything turned out.. We transformed our old shed and turned it into a beautiful Fairy Cottage.. which turned out amazing you can watch the transformation of our shed here and here.. I’ve also been working on another little project in our garden and I will be sharing it on this channel very soon.. I cannot wait to share with you what I’ve been working on.. and I thought because I still have some little garden projects to share with you these upcoming weeks.. I will be sharing some tips for How to feel like a Beautiful Garden Fairy Princess..

Have a Delicious Cup of Tea with Fresh Herbs from the Garden 

There is nothing more delicious and relaxing than making yourself a delicious cup of tea.. Lately, I’ve been enjoying creating my own tea made from some fresh herbs and spices you can use some from your garden or you can get some from the local farmers market.. There is nothing more delicious than a cup of tea made out of some fresh herbs and spices.. I love to make myself a delicious cup of mint tea with some honey and a splash of lemon.. or a ginger tea made with some fresh ginger and a cinnamon stick.. You can also add some roses to your tea to make it taste more delicious and to make it look really pretty as well.. The possibilities are endless and I just love to make my own cup of tea with some flavors that I love and enjoy..


Pick some Fresh Fruits From the Garden and Bake a Pie

There is nothing that I love more than to pick your own fruits and to bake a delicious pie with some fresh fruits that you find in your garden or at your local farmers market.. I just love to bake an apple pie.. with some cinnamon.. My favourite pie is a dutch apple pie with a dollop of fresh whipped cream.. It’s such a delicious treat and it’s so fun to bake an apple pie from scratch, especially with some apples that you’ve freshly picked from your own garden.. You can also make a strawberry pie, a peach pie or even a cherry pie.. The possibilities are endless and there is nothing more delicious than to bake a pie from scratch with some fresh fruits..

Go for a Long Walks Outside

There is nothing that I love more than going for a long walk outside just to be in the fresh air and spend some time in nature.. I always feel so much better after I’ve had a long walk outside.. You can also have a nice walk through the garden and admire all the beautiful flowers, all the pretty trees, the sweet birds and all the animals.. I always love to go for a walk at our local park.. It’s the most magical place with some cute squirrels and bunnies that are walking around.. The trees are always in full bloom.. especially in the Spring when everything is colored pink and in the Fall season all the leaves and trees are colored in pretty Autumn colours like brown and yellow tones and there is a blanket of leaves on the floor it’s such a beautiful sight.. I just love to go for a nice long walk outside it’s always so refreshing and relaxing and perfect to clear your head..


Go Outside, to have a Wonderful Picnic and Read your Book

There is nothing that I love more than spending some time outside in the garden.. I love to have a picnic.. Bake some delicious scones, bring some cookies, Make yourself a delicious cup of tea and have a wonderful picnic outside.. Read a little bit in your favourite book and admire all your beautiful surroundings..

Admire all the Beautiful Butterflies outside

I love to watch the butterflies.. especially in the garden.. I just love how beautiful they look and I love the story that butterflies are telling us.. When I see a butterfly it reminds me of life, we are all here to grow and to transform and to become the most beautiful version of ourselves just as the butterfly that transforms from being a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly..


Pick some Beautiful Flowers from the Garden

I just love to spend some time outside in the garden.. It has always been my dream to grow the most beautiful flowers in our own garden like some pretty pink roses, some hydrangeas (they’re my favourite) I’ve always wanted to have some beautiful pink and white hydrangeas bushes in my garden.. and of course some pretty pink peonies.. How wonderful would it be to just pick your favourite flowers from your backyard.. It has always been a dream of mine to grow our whole backyard and to have it filled with the most enchaining flowers in the prettiest pink and white colours.. I also would love to have some lavender growing in our garden I just love the scent and they always look so pretty.. I also love the lilac color.. Just to have your whole garden filled with the prettiest flowers would be such a dream come true..

These were some tips for how to spend the day feeling like a beautiful Garden Fairy Princess.. I just love to spend some time in the garden and luckily we’re having some beautiful sunny days here in the UK and I just want to soak up every minute and to spend it in the garden feeling like a Fairy Princess.. I hope I can inspire you and I am wishing you a wonderful day filled with lots of Love, Joy, Health and Happiness.. May you can spend it with your loved ones and may all your dreams and wishes come true.. Sending you lots of love

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