Hallo my sweet friends.. I am so excited to share this post with you today.. I cannot believe that Halloween is just around the corner I’ve made a Youtube video of spending an Halloween day with me you can watch it here.. I really love Halloween.. I love to get all dressed up, bake some delicious cookies for Halloween, watching my favourite Halloween movies.. So much fun.. Here are some tips for How to have a wonderful cozy Fall day on Halloween..

Bake some Delicious Cookies for Halloween I made some Adorable Ghost Cookies

There is nothing that I love more then to bake some delicious cookies for Halloween.. I’ve made theses adorable ghost ones you can find them here on my youtube channel.. I decorated them with some pink royal icing and I added some googly eyes and they turned out so adorable.. such a lovely treat for the Halloween season.


Decorate your Ghost Cookies with some Royal Icing and googly eyes

I just love to make these adorable ghost cookies and I love to decorate them.. They’re such a delicious treat for the Halloween season.. The perfect little treat for when you’re going to watch some Halloween movies.


Watch the new Hocus Pocus 2 Disney Movie

I am so excited to watch the Hocus Pocus 2 movie.. It came out last month.. but I have been saving it for Halloween night so that we can watch it with a delicious cup of hot chocolate and some delicious pink ghost cookies.. I love to celebrate Halloween in this way.. I also even made myself a little witch costume with a pink witch hat and I am so excited to get all dressed up for Halloween and to make the most delicious Halloween inspired treats and watch my favorite Halloween movies..

Write a List with all the things you Love to do for the Fall Season

I just love to write a list with all my favourite things to do for the Fall season.. I just love this cozy season and I love to do all the Fall activities like decorating some pumpkins, decorating our home for the Fall season, get myself a delicious Fall drink from Starbucks with a pumpkin spice loaf, Go for a walk in the forest looking for magical creatures and some woodland friends.. I just love this season so much and I really want to soak up every minute of this cozy season.. So I love to make myself a little list of all the things that I love to do and every day in the Fall season.. I pick something out to do for the Fall.. This is such a fun way to really enjoy this magical season..


Go on a Magical Woodland Fairy Trail in the Park or Forest

There is nothing that I love more than finding magic everywhere.. especially in the places where you wouldn’t usually look.. With the Fall Season in full swing.. I thought it would be so much fun to go on a little Woodland Fairy Trail.. We are having a Magical park very close to where I live and when I spend some time there I just can feel the magic.. There are the most adorable squirrels who are living there and just walking around collecting some food ( usually nuts ) You can also even feed them and they’re even come running towards you when you are giving a nut to them.. I like to throw them a little nut and then the squirrels just come running towards you to collect them from you.. Then they will hold them and either eat them or bury them for later.. It’s the cutest thing to see.. When you’re going to the park in the Spring they’re having the most beautiful pink flowers blossoming it’s truly such a magical place.. and I have a feeling that magical creatures are living there.. So I think it would be so much fun to go on a little woodland Fairy trail in our local park and to look for magical creatures and even some little trails that they may leave behind for you to find..

Create a Pretty Pink Witch hat

This year I’ve created a little Halloween witch outfit for myself and I just love how it turned out it looks so pretty and I even made a witch hat out of some fabric and flowers and I love how it turned out and it goes so well with my puffed sleeve SELKIE dress you can find it here.. I just love to get all dressed up for Halloween it’s such a lovely Holiday and I just love to celebrate it with my loved ones.. Eating some delicious Halloween inspired food and watching all of our favorite Halloween movies and I cannot wait to watch Hocus Pocus 2 on the 31 of October.. I am so excited!!

These were some tips for How to have a cozy Fall day on Halloween.. I hope I can inspire you and I am wishing you the most magical Fall season and Halloween.. May you can spend it with your loved ones and may all your dreams and wishes come true.. Sending you lots of love

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