I am so in love with the coquette aesthetic and I just love how beautiful and feminine everything looks.. I especially love the coquette inspired looks.. When I am thinking of Coquette inspired pieces you will see a lot of basic pieces like tank tops and basic tee’s but they’re all usually adorned with some beautiful floral patterns, some lace details and some silk flowers and they look very elegant and feminine in this way.. and I just love that you take some basic pieces to add some pretty lace details and some beautiful lace flowers and you transformed your basic look into a beautiful feminine outfit.. You also see a lot of thrifted pieces in the coquette aesthetic. Think of beautiful lace silk nightgowns, some elegant lingerie pieces adorned with lace and silk flowers.. and you can also mix and match a lot of these pieces for example you can wear a beautiful vintage lace top and add a basic knitted cardigan over it and some beautiful pearl necklaces to look even more elegant.. I just love to play with these pieces in this way and that’s also something that you see a lot in the coquette aesthetic a lot of layering and usually, you combine these tops with a pretty skirt underneath.. This can be a beautiful lace skirt or a cute pleated white skirt ( the ones that you used to see a lot in the 90’s ) and you can also just wear some shorts and jeans with your coquette inspired pieces.. The possibilities are endless but you can still see a lot of 90’s influence and that is something that I really love of the coquette aesthetic it’s very nostalgic to me and it brings me to my early childhood.. Here are some tips for How to create some beautiful coquette inspired looks..

Wear Beautiful Lace Tops

I just love to wear some pretty lace tops.. I just love how feminine they look. You can find these lace tops at thrift stores, at Etsy but now of these days, you can also find a lot of these pieces on Amazon and Shein they’re selling some beautiful coquette inspired pieces.. I just love to add some lace tops to my wardrobe and I love to wear them with a pretty tulle skirt, or you can wear these tops with a short pleated skirt, or even some jeans or shorts.. the possibilities are endless.. But I do think that by combining a pretty vintage lace top with some jeans your outfit looks a lot more feminine and elegant.. Then when you would wear a basic tee and that I think is the strength of the coquette aesthetic you just take a normal day staple piece like some jeans.. add a beautiful lace vintage top adorned with a pretty silk rose and you look a lot more elegant and feminine already but still very comfy as well.. This is the aspect that I love about the coquette aesthetic to just take some normal day items and style them in a way that you look much more elegant and feminine..


Wear some Pretty Floral Tops

You will also see a lot of floral tops in the coquette aesthetic a very popular brand is Brandy Melville.. A lot of the coquette pieces come from that brand this is a brand that used to be very popular in the 90’s early 2000 but they seem to make a comeback.. I personally love their pink floral tank tops and floral cardigans they are such a beautiful staple pieces for in your coquette inspired wardrobe.. Unfortunately, when I just found out about the brand they didn’t sell the pink floral tops anymore luckily you can go on Depop a lot of these tops and vests are being sold there.. So if you are like me and you love pink floral printed pieces.. You should definitely have a look at Depop and look for the brand Brandy Melville and you will see a lot of these tops and cardigans on there.. and these floral tops are the perfect pieces for your coquette inspired wardrobe I like to layer these floral tops with a long sleeved tee with a lace trim and then add a pretty pink cardigan and to finish this look I will add a pearl and heard shaped necklace.. The perfect coquette inspired look..

Wear some Cozy Cardigans 

The thing that I love about the coquette aesthetic is that you can easily transform these looks from Summer to Winter.. They go with any season for example you can wear a pretty floral Brandy Melville tank top in the Summer with a cute pleated skirt.. and when it’s getting colder you can wear your top with a pretty knitted cardigan over it and when it gets even more colder you can wear some pretty tights underneath your pleated skirt and now you’re having the perfect coquette inspired look going from Summer till Winter and the options are endless.. That’s also an aspect that I love about the coquette aesthetic you can usually wear all of these pieces all year long and you can mix and match everything and when it’s getting colder just add a pretty knitted cardigan and some tights and you are good to go..


Wear some Thrifted Coquette Inspired Pieces

You can basally wear these pieces all year long and get the most out of them.. and when you buy two or three cardigans you can easily mix and match them with every outfit and just rotate with three different colors.. The possibilities are endless. So if you asked me the coquette aesthetic is not only feminine and elegant it’s also very sustainable because you can easily invest in vintage pieces.. You can get the most out of them all year long.. simply by mix and match everything and you don’t have to break the bank at all these tops are very affordable especially when you buy them from thrift shops.. They are timeless and you can wear these pieces all year long.. You only have to invest in some knitted cardigans but these you can also easily find in some thrift stores.

Wear some Beautiful Lingerie Pieces

The thing that I really love about the coquette aesthetic is that you can really appreciate vintage pieces.. I find myself on Etsy and Depop looking for the most elegant and beautiful lingerie pieces.. There is just something about vintage lace that I love so much.. When I am thinking of vintage lingerie I am usually thinking of a beautiful lace corset adorned with a silk rose.. a Beautiful vintage bra adorned with the most beautiful Italian lace.. and I love how we can wear our lingerie pieces and add it to our outfit like for example you can wear a beautiful vintage lace coset with some jeans and some pretty heels underneath and when it’s a little bit colder you add an elegant silk blouse over your corset and you leave the blouse open.. So you can see the beautiful lace corset that you’re wearing adorned with a silk vintage rose.. In this way you’re wearing lingerie pieces in a very elegant way and you can still see the beautiful lace vintage corset that you’re wearing but still look very elegant and feminine.. I just love to wear lingerie in this way.. Because you’re wearing lingerie but still look elegant while wearing these pieces.

These were some tips for how to create some beautiful coquette inspired looks.. I just love the coquette aesthetic and the possibilities are endless.. and I really find myself going on the hunt for beautiful coquette inspired staple pieces and adding them to my wardrobe.. Simply because I find them so elegant and feminine and I love the 90’s influences that really brings me back to my early childhood and are very nostalgic to me and besides that, I have a feeling that these pieces are timeless and a good investment and are the perfect staple pieces for your wardrobe that you can wear time and time again.. That’s really something that I am striving for that when I buy something. I need to know that I will be wearing these pieces years from now.. I just love to invest in timeless pieces that I will be wearing years from now and knowing that they will never go out of style and that’s a feeling that I have with the coquette inspired looks.. I believe that these are all collector items that you can wear over and over again.. I hope I can inspire you and I am wishing you a wonderful day filled with a lot of love, joy health and happiness.. May you can spend it with your loved ones and may all your dreams and wishes come true.. Sending you lots of love

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