I am so excited to share my coquette inspired bedroom tour with you today.. I am so in love with the coquette aesthetic.. lately, I have been seeing so much coquette inspired inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest and I thought it would be so much fun to create a coquette inspired bedroom.. I love how everything turned out and I am so excited to share it with you..

The first thing that I did was to create a beautiful coquette inspired vanity.. I added some beautiful coquette inspired items.. I added some pretty pink candles I just love to have some candles in my room and they look so beautiful on my vanity.. Then I added a golden mirror I just love these little mirrors you can find them on Amazon here.. Then I added some vintage looking soaps.. I just love to collect pretty soaps I usually find mine at TKMAXX you can find it here.. Then I added a vintage plate with some jewellery some pretty pearl necklaces and a vintage cameo.. I also added some vintage pieces that I found on Etsy a beautiful coquette inspired book and a little pink rose trinket box.. I also added some vintage perfume bottles that I found at She’s Parisian you can find her beautiful shop here. You can watch how to create a coquette inspired vanity here on my Youtube Channel..

Then I created a beautiful coquette inspired drawer.. I love to collect some beautiful coquette inspired pieces like some pretty floral tops and cardigans.. some pretty lace tank tops and some beautiful vintage lingerie pieces.. I also love to collect some pretty lace socks and I love to display all of these pieces in my coquette inspired drawer. I just love how it turned out.. These are the staple pieces that I love to wear daily and they’re perfectly displayed in my drawer and I love how aesthetically pleasing everything looks.. truly so beautiful and so fun and easy to create.. You can watch how to create a coquette inspired drawer here

I also created a little coquette inspired nightstand.. On my nightstand, I love to have my vintage books and a candle.. I also added a beautiful carousel music box for my nightstand and I love to listen to it when I fall asleep it’s so calming and relaxing and it makes me dream of wonderful things.. I also added a pretty mirror on my nightstand and I just love how everything turned out.. I love to add things that helps me sleep like my books and a music box.. I also love my beautiful coquette inspired bedding.. I have some beautiful pink floral bedding and some pretty pink and white ruffled pillows.. I love to add a lot of pillows to our bed because then it makes me feel like I am sleeping on a cloud.. So calming and relaxing.. I also have a little clothing rack where I love to display all of my favorite vintage lace pieces on.. I have been collecting some beautiful vintage lace pieces for years and I love to display them in my bedroom it looks so pretty and I just love to look at all of my beautiful lace pieces when I try to fall asleep..

This was my coquette inspired bedroom tour.. I hope I can inspire you and I am wishing you a wonderful day filled with lots of love, joy, health and happiness.. May you can spend it with your loved ones and may all your dreams and wishes come true.. Sending you lots of love

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