Hello sweet princes and princesses.. I hope you have had the most magical Christmas Holiday Season so far.. This has to be one of my most favourite seasons and I am so excited to share this post with you today.. Today I wanted to share some wonderful tips for How to create a Beautiful Christmas Dining table.. Every year I love to decorate our dining table for the Holiday Season.. Last year I went for a Nutcracker theme you can watch it here and the year before I went for a Pink Winter Wonderland theme you can watch it here.. and this year I am going for a Swan Lake/ Ballerina theme.. I just love to have a different theme every year for the Holiday season it’s always so much fun to come up with new ideas and to decorate our home.. But usually, I am always sticking with pretty pink colors.. simply because I love pink so much.. So you can expect a lot of pink and girly influences on my Christmas decorations.. Today I wanted to share some tips for How to create a Beautiful Christmas Dining table..

Add a Beautiful Table Cloth to your Table 

The first thing that I love to do is to add a beautiful lace and ruffled tablecloth to our table.. I think that it makes your table looks so much more elegant when you add a pretty tablecloth on there.. It can really transform your table and is the perfect base for your Christmas table..


Add some Fairy Lights

I just love it add some pretty fairy lights to my table.. To me, it doesn’t really matter if it’s Christmas or not.. I just like to have fairy lights in our home all year long.. Although I have to admit that it looks much more magical and festive in the Christmas Holiday Season.. Especially with the Christmas tree.. I just love how pretty it looks.

Add some Candles to your Table 

I always love to add some pretty candles and candle holders to our table.. I think that it looks so pretty and I love to light them as well.. It makes our home looks very cozy and festive and I just love to decorate the table with some candles.. I also love to add some tea light holders with some tea light they always look very pretty on your table as well.. I like to add all my candles in the middle of the table with some beautiful flowers in between.


Add some Beautiful Flowers to your Table

I love to make beautiful flower arrangements and I’ve made a very beautiful one for our table.. I made it in a silver bowl that I found that TK MAXX then I just ordered some flowers from Amazon and made a beautiful floral arrangement I just love how it turned out and I love to add my flower arrangement in the middle of the table.. I have some beautiful pink and white flowers some roses, hydrangeas and pink peonies because these are my favorite flowers and they go so well with my Christmas decor.. But you can use any flowers and any colors you like.. It just depends on what colors your Christmas decor is and what colors your theme is. I love to display my flower arrangement in the middle of the table just between my candles and fairy lights..

Add your Favorite China Pieces to your Table

I just love to add my favorite china pieces to the table.. I love to add some pretty vintage plates.. I put two on each side I usually add a white big plate first and then I love to add a smaller vintage floral plate in the middle.. I love how it looks it looks really pretty to me.. I also love to add my favorite teapot and teacup to my dining table.. I just love to add some china pieces.. They look so pretty displayed on our table..


Add some of your Favorite Christmas Ornaments

I am so excited to decorate our table for Christmas this year.. This year’s theme is Ballerina and the Swan Lake Ballet.. and I love how everything turned out.. This year I wanted to go for soft pastel pink and white colors.. Last year I did a very pink Nutcracker theme which I loved you can see it here.. But this year I wanted to use some more lighter colors and make our table look very soft and elegant just like a ballerina and the Swan Lake ballet.. I love how this year’s decorations turned out and I love the soft pastel colors.. The first thing that I did was to add my pink feathered Christmas tree’s I added them on each side of the table.. Then I add my beautiful Swan ornaments.. I added some pretty faux cakes and some floral napkins.. and I added my pastel pink nutcracker which looks so beautiful on our table with the soft pastel colors.. I also added the most beautiful Swan Ornament that I found at TK MAXX you can find similar here.. And I found the most Beautiful Pink Christmas Castle you can find it here.. I just love how it looks.. it goes so well with my Ballerina/ Swan Lake ballet theme and I just love how this table turned out.. It really reminds me of Ballerinas and the Swan Lake Ballet theme.. I love all the pretty soft colors.

These were some tips for How to create a beautiful Christmas Inspired Dining Table.. I hope I can inspire you and I am wishing you a wonderful Christmas Holiday Season filled with lots of love, joy, health and happiness.. May you can spend it with your loved ones and may all your dreams and wishes come true.. Sending you lots of love

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