I am so excited to share this new post with you.. Today I wanted to share some tips for How to create a Swan Lake Inspired High Tea for the Christmas Holiday Season.. This year I’ve been very inspired by the Swan Lake ballet and I thought how much fun would it be to create a Swan Lake inspired high tea.. I just love how everything turned out and I truly hope I can inspire you.. To create a wonderful Swan lake inspired high tea at home for Christmas.

Add some Pretty Pink and White Ruffled Tablecloths to your Table

The first that I love to do is to add some pretty table cloths on my table.. I like to use some pink and white ruffled ones.. I just love how elegant and beautiful it looks. and it’s the perfect base to start with your table decorations. You can also use some different tablecloths.. you can use some sparkle ones.. a plain simple white one.. some lace ones.. You can add any tablecloth that you love.. The possibilities are endless.


Make some adorable Swan Lake Inspired Cupcakes

I really wanted to make some Swan Lake inspired cupcakes this year.. and I made the most adorable ones.. Here you can see how you make them.. These cupcakes we’re very easy to make and they are the perfect little treat on your Swan Lake inspired High Tea table and I just love how they turned out.. You can watch how to make these adorable cupcakes here


Add your Favorite China Pieces to the Table

I just love to add all of my favorite vintage china pieces to the table.. I love to add my favorite teapot.. I like to use my Royal Albert Serenity teapot it looks so pretty and the florals go so well with my Swan Lake inspired theme. I also love to add my favorite vintage floral teacup.. I just love how it looks and I just love to pour some tea into my favorite little tea cup.. I also love to add some pretty vintage china plates.. They look so pretty on my Swan Lake inspired high tea table and I just love to serve my cakes and cupcakes on them..

Add a Delicious Tea that Reminds you of the Christmas Holiday Season

I recently went shopping in Norwich and I found the most adorable tea shop with the most delicious tea’s and I found the perfect tea that just smells and tasted like Christmas it’s called the Spice Imperial Flavored Black Tea you can find it here.. It’s an intensely aromatic black tea with heady notes of vanilla, gloves and citrus and it truly tastes and smells like Christmas it’s truly so heavenly.. The perfect tea to add to my Swan Lake inspired High Tea table.. But you can use any tea flavors that you love..


Make some Delicious Madeleine Cakes and Decorate them

I made the most adorable madeleine cakes inspired by the Swan Lake Ballet.. These are very easy to make.. You just get some madeleine cakes you can make some yourself fin the recipe here or you can buy some from your local supermarket.. I like to use these madeleine cakes.. Then you heat some buttercream (I like to use the Betty Crocker ones) Then you heat it in the microwave for two minutes until it’s all melted.. then you add it to a bowl I like to add some white food coloring to give it a pretty white color.. Then you get your madeleine cake and just dip it into the buttercream I like to only dip half of the cakes.. and then you add a pink fondant rose to make it look very pretty and voila there you have it your own Swan lake inspired madeleine Cakes.. Super fun and super easy to make and such a delicious treat.

Add some Pretty Swan Ornaments

I like to decorate the table with some ornaments I found some beautiful Swans and Wilko and I love to add them to the High Tea table.. I also added my pink gingerbread house which looks so pretty on our table as well.. You can watch the video with my Swan Lake inspired ornaments here


Make some Pretty Pink Cakes

I also made the most adorable little pink cake and I just love how it turned out.. I just got two cupcakes which I stacked up just like a cake you just add some buttercream in the middle so they’re staying on top of each other.. Then you get some pink fondant.. You roll it out to a thin sheet and make sure that it will cover the cakes.. Then I like to add some buttercream around my cupcakes so that the fondant will stick to them.. Then you add the pink fondant just make sure that you cover the cupcakes.. When they’re all covered press the fondant on the cake.. So you create this beautiful pink little fondant cake.. Once your happy with your cake.. You get your piping back and some white buttercream and create some beautiful swirls.. to make it look like a little Marie Antionette cake.. and then you top it off with a pretty pink fondant rose.. and then you have the cutest little pink cake.. such a cute and lovely treat.

These were some tips for How to create a Beautiful Swan lake inspired High Tea table for the Christmas Holiday Season.. I hope I can inspire you and I am wishing you the most magical Christmas Holiday Season filled with lots of love, joy, health and happiness.. may you can spend it with your loved ones and may all your dreams and wishes come true.. Sending you lots of love

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