Hello, my sweet friends.. I am so excited to share this post with you today, I just love our shabby chic inspired bedroom. I just love beautiful floral bedding.. and I am so excited that this year for my birthday I finally got the Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Rosabelle bedding. I’ve been wanting this beautiful bedding for as long as I can remember a couple of years ago a very sweet lady on Instagram sold two beautiful pillowcases from the Shabby Chic Rosabelle bedding collection and I remember when I bought these from here, as soon as they day came in the mail I couldn’t believe how beautiful they looked.. I fell in love with the pretty pastel rose design and the pretty ruffles.. I knew I really wanted the bedding as well, and I am so happy that after a couple of years I finally got the bedding as well. There is just something about beautiful florals that I love so much and at the moment I’ve been working on something very special and I cannot wait to finally share it with you.. Hopefully very soon. But I do love pretty florals in beautiful pastel colors. and I love to fill our home with beautiful floral pieces.

I am so in love with how our bedroom turned out and just by sleeping in this beautiful room I already feel like a vintage shabby chic princess.. I’ve been loving shabby chic bedding for as long as I can remember.. Almost ten years ago when I still lived in Holland with my beautiful little family my sweet mother in law gave me my first Rachel Ashwell shabby chic book You can find the book here and I couldn’t believe how beautiful everything looked I fell in love with the romantic shabby chic style the pretty ruffles, the beautiful bedding, everything just looked so beautiful and so romantic to me and I knew that one day I wanted to decorate our home with some beautiful shabby chic pieces as well.. Back then it was just a dream to own some beautiful shabby chic pieces I do remember that I was following an amazing lady and she always shared the most beautiful photos from her family and their beautiful shabby chic decorated home.. It was a very long time ago and unfortunately, she stopped blogging at one point but I always loved to visit her blog until this day you can find her blog here.. There was always such a beautiful inspiration on her blog and I always loved her photos they always made me so happy and she truly always inspired me so much.. Back then I also couldn’t afford all the shabby chic pieces, so I just loved to look at her photos and her home and everything just always looked so dreamy, romantic and beautiful to me. When we first moved to the UK seven years ago.. I didn’t own anything shabby chic for our home, so on my birthday in March 2018 I was finally able to get the Shabby Chic Petticoat bedding from my sweet boyfriend I was so happy.. and literally was a dream come true for me.. It did cost quite a bit of money but I was so happy with it and I remember when it first arrived at our home it literally felt like a dream and I am still so happy with it and I find myself using my bedding every day.. Then a year later on my birthday I managed to find a beautiful white velvet headboard (which we had to ship all the way from America) but I am so happy with it.. and then this year I was finally able to get the Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Rosabelle bedding and I am truly so happy with it.. Such a dream come true..

I am so in love with our bedroom and I just love how over the years, everything came together so beautifully and I hope that with my little story I can inspire you to know that dreams do come true and that if you really want and love something you just need to have hope and faith that someday your dreams will come true as long as you have hope, faith and believe in yourself it can take some time but your dreams will come true.. So this was my little story of how I created my dream vintage shabby chic princess inspired bedroom.. I hope I can inspire you and I am wishing you a beautiful day filled with lots of Love, Joy, Health and Happiness.. May you can spend it with your Loved ones.. Sending you Lots of Love

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