Hello, my sweet friends.. I am so excited t share this new blog post with you today.. I know that the Christmas Holiday Season is already over.. But here in the UK, the Winter Season is in full swing.. it’s been so cold lately and some parts of the country are even having some snow.. I do love these winter months.. because I can get all cozy and spend the day feeling cozy at home.. So I thought how much fun would it be to be sharing some tips with you for How to feel like a Princess in the Winter Season..

Wake Up, and go on your phone to scroll through Pinterest

The first thing that I love to do when I wake up is to get my phone and scroll through Pinterest.. I just love to start my day on Pinterest I always get so inspired and so happy to see some beautiful inspiring pictures when I wake up.. It really gets me inspired and ready for the Day.


Have a Nice and Relaxing Bath

I just love to have a nice and relaxing hot bath.. especially in the morning when I just wake up.. There is just something so calming and relaxing about having a hot bath.. especially when it’s so cold outside it just helps me to get all refreshed to start the day.. I just love to use a bath bomb when I am making my bath and I recently found the most adorable Gingerbread man bath bomb you can see it here and it’s the perfect scent for my winter bath it also reminds me a little bit of the Christmas Holiday Season that we’ve just had which was such a magical time and I just love to have my bath smell like gingerbread it’s such a lovely scent.

Get all Cozy at Home

I just love to get all cozy at home.. I just love to wear a cozy warm outfit, make myself a delicious hot drink and add some cream and marshmallows and to just sit on the couch and get all cozy, especially on a cold winter’s day.


Watch Bambi

I just love to watch a movie and I think that it’s the perfect occasion to watch Bambi.. My favorite part is when Bambi and thumper are playing in the snow.. and Bambi has quite a hard time getting in the snow and on the ice, he is truly so adorable and I just love to watch Bambi playing in the Snow.. Such a lovely movie to watch on a cold winter’s day.


Wear a Cozy Winter Outfit

I just love to wear a pretty cozy outfit and I’ve been seeing so much inspiration on Pinterest lately.. To create a beautiful cozy winter look.. My favorite winter look at the moment is to wear some tights, a cozy white sweater.. and to wear a pretty white skirt.. I am wearing the prettiest skirt that I found at H&M a couple of years ago.. It’s truly so pretty and it reminds me of a winter princess. it’s a white lace skirt and it’s truly so pretty.. I am also wearing my favorite white sweater that I got from H&M a couple of years ago which is adorned with some pretty white pearls.. It’s the perfect sweater for a cold Winter’s day. I just love to wear a pretty cozy outfit, especially in the Winter Season. You can watch my full Winter Outfit here

Wear some Cozy Earmuffs 

I just love to wear some Earmuffs.. You see them on Pinterest all the time.. they’re really a Fashion trend at the moment and I just love to wear some white Earmuffs, especially in the Winter Season.. I just love how pretty they look and I just love how they keep my ears warm.. I always have cold ears.. So these earmuffs are perfect to keep my ears warm and they look very pretty as well.. You can watch my full Winter outfit here


Wear a Cozy Scarf

I just love to wear a cozy warm and soft scarf.. especially in the Winter Season I saw a really pretty one at Primark and it’s the perfect scarf for the Winter Season it’s very big and very cozy and really soft as well.. I just love to wear a cozy scarf especially when it’s so cold outside.. You can watch my full Winter outfit here

I truly hope I can inspire you to feel like a Beautiful Princess in the Winter Season and I am wishing you a wonderful day filled with lots of love, joy, health and happiness.. May you can spend it with your loved ones and may all your dreams and wishes come true.. Sending Lots of Love

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