Hello, my sweet friends.. I am so excited to share this post with you today.. My birthday is coming up very soon and I thought it would be the perfect occasion to share some wonderful tips for how to feel like a beautiful princess on your birthday..


Have some Delicious Macarons for your Birthday

Macarons are my favourite little treat and I just love to get some macarons for my birthday close to where I live there is a little macarons store and they’re selling the most delicious macarons in the most beautiful pastel colours.. My favourite macarons are the green ones they’re the pistachio flavor ones, I also love the pink ones they’re made from rose water and are having a vanilla filling and I love the Praline ones these are having a hazelnut chocolate filling and they’re truly so delicious as well.. Macarons are my favourite little treat they’re always looking so pretty and I always love the beautiful pastel colours and they’re so yummy as well..


Have some Delicious Cupcakes for your Birthday

I just love to have some delicious cupcakes they’re my favourite I love vanilla and chocolate flavored cupcakes they’re such a declines little treat.. especially for your birthday and I just love to decorate them with a pretty pink rose to make them look even more pretty.. Such a lovely birthday treat..

Have some Delicious Waffles for Brunch

I love to have brunch, especially for my birthday and this year I wanted to do something very nice so I taught to have some delicious waffles for brunch.. there is a lovely little waffle place close to the town where I live so me and my boyfriend are going there with the train and have some delicious waffles, they’re having all different kinds of toppings sweet and savory they’re even having chocolate waffles I think that I will have my waffles with some clotted cream and fresh strawberries they’re my favourite I am so excited to have some delicious waffles for my birthday and afterwards we’re going to shop and get some delicious macarons.


Go Shopping for your Birthday

There is nothing that I love more than going shopping for my birthday.. I just love to do some window shopping and to look for some things that I can add to my birthday wishlist. I also love to do some antique shopping for my birthday nothing makes me happier than to find some beautiful treasures.. especially for my birthday.

Bake a Birthday Cake

One of my favourite birthday traditions is to make myself a delicious birthday cake.. I just love to bake and decorate it myself.. I always decorate my cake with some merengue buttercream this is truly my favourite cake frosting and I love to decorate the cake with frosting and flowers. Such a declines treat and your home truly smells heavenly after you baked the cake..


Wear a Beautiful Dress

I just love to dress up, especially for my birthday and I bought it would be the perfect occasion to spoil myself with some beautiful dresses I bought two dresses for my birthday this beautiful dress from Amy Jane London you can find it here.. and this gorgeous dress from For Love and Lemons you can find the dress here.. These dresses have been on my wishlist for ages and I thought that my birthday is the perfect occasion to treat myself to these gorgeous dresses.

Treat yourself to some Beautiful Flowers

I just love to fill our home with some beautiful flowers, especially for my birthday my favourite flowers are blush pink roses they’re truly so beautiful and it always makes me so happy when our home is filled with the most beautiful florals


Have a Wonderful High Tea

This year I decided to have a wonderful high tea for my birthday with friends were going to a lovely tea room close to where I love, were having some lovely sandwiches some pretty cakes and some delicious macarons and of course some tea.. It’s such a lovely treat to have a delicious high tea and to spend some time with some lovely friends

Make yourself a Delicious Birthday Drink on your Birthday

I recently found a Birthday Cake syrup from TK MAXX and I thought it would be the perfect drink on my Birthday, I added the syrup to a cup, then I added some instant coffee, and some milk and I topped it off with some cream and pink sprinkles and it was truly the most delicious drink for my Birthday and it looked very pretty as well.. Such a wonderful little treat.


Have a Spa at Home and a Nice and Relaxing Bath

I just love to have a nice relaxing Spa at home.. I like to get some of my favorite Beauty products and have a nice and relaxing mask, to hydrate my skin, wash my hair, paint my nails, wear a pink silk bathrobe and just relax and have some time to myself to practice some self care and to feel relaxed on my Birthday.. I also love to draw myself a nice and relaxing bath with some rose petals and light some candles and to feel nice and relaxed while having a calming bath.

These were some tips for how to feel like a beautiful princess on your birthday.. I truly hope I can inspire you and I am wishing you the most magical day.. Sending you lots of Love

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