Hello, my sweet friends.. I am so excited to share my brand new Youtube video with you today.. I’ve been to Holland earlier this month on my Birthday to visit some family.. Luckily I am back now and I am so excited to start blogging and to start making videos again.. This week I am sharing some wonderful tips for How to feel like a beautiful princess on your Birthday.. My Birthday was actually earlier this month but because I have been traveling I’ve decided to celebrate my Birthday at home and to practice some self care for my Birthday..

The first thing that I love to do is to wake up in my beautiful princess bed.. Then I love to have a nice and relaxing bath using my unicorn bath bomb. Then I am going to unpack my packaging from Ladurée.. I’ve got some breakfast tea and some pink almonds in the most beautiful packaging from Ladurée.. I also got a gorgeous pink Ladurée bag which looks so pretty.. Then I like to make myself some delicious Birthday pancakes.. I also added some melted buttercream and some sprinkles to make it taste even more delicious and to make it look extra more pretty.. Then I like to light a little candle for my Birthday.. I also love to make myself a pretty pink drink on my Birthday.. I also added some cotton candy to make it taste even more delicious.. I thought it would be so much fun this year for my Birthday to make a Ladurée inspired Dessert.. This dessert was super fun and easy to make.. You just get one of your most favorite donut ( I used a crispy cream donut ) Then you get three donut balls ( I used crispy cream again for my donut balls) Then you dip your donut and donut balls into some pink melted buttercream ( I like to melt my buttercream in the microwave for like two minutes ) Then you add the three donut balls onto the donut.. I like to use the buttercream so everything is stuck together.. Then with a piping bag, I add some pink buttercream between all the donut balls and to finish it off I added a pink rose petal on top and I added some edible gold to make it look extra more pretty.. I just love how this dessert turned out and it tasted very delicious as well and it really reminded me of a Ladurée pastry dessert.. When my dessert is finished I like to have a little Ladurée inspired high tea at home for my Birthday with some delicious Ladurée inspired treats.. I also made a little shabby chic inspired notebook for my Birthday and I just love how it turned out.. It looks so pretty I added some pink fabric some lace and some silk roses.. Then I like to go to bed and have some sweet dreams about this magical day..

This was my video Spend the Day with me, Feeling like a beautiful princess on your Birthday inspired by Ladurée.. I hope I can inspire you and I am wishing you a wonderful day filled with lots of love, joy health and happiness.. May you can spend it with your loved ones and may all your dreams and wishes come true.. Sending lots of love

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