Hello, my sweet friends.. I am so excited to share this post with you today.. Today I wanted to share 15 tips for how to spend the day feeling like a Christmas Princess.. Christmas is definitely one of my most favorite Holidays.. I just love to decorate our home and make it look all pretty and cozy.. just like a pink winter wonderland.. Everyone is always so happy during the Holliday season and that always gives me such a warm and fuzzy feeling and I am so excited to share some amazing tips with you for how to spend your day feeling like a Christmas Princess:


1. Make yourself a delicious cup of Hot Chocolate with some Whipped Cream and marshmallows

I just love to make myself a delicious cup of hot chocolate with some delicious whipped cream and some marshmallows.. It’s my favourite little treat for the Christmas Season and I just love to make myself this delicious drink while watching my favourite Christmas Hallmark movies..


2. Wear a Beautiful Christmas Princess Inspired Dress

I just love to wear a beautiful Christmas Princess inspired dress, I just love to dress up especially during the Christmas season and I just love to wear a beautiful dress that makes me feel like a princess.. where you can just twirl around in while listening to all the beautiful Christmas songs..


3. Listen to the Nutcracker Ballet all day long

I just love to listen to the Nutcracker Ballet, the music is just so beautiful and it truly brings me into the Christmas spirit, I just love Clara and her Nutcracker and of course the Sugar Plum Fairy.. Such a magical Christmas story.. It’s my dream the visit the ballet in London or New York sometimes that’s truly a dream come true


4. Treat yourself with some Christmas Inspired Treats

I just love to have some delicious treats, especially in the Christmas season, fresh baked Christmas cookies are my favourite, but you can have any treat that you like, just spoil yourself a little bit extra.. Especially during the Holliday season..

5. Bake some Delicious Sugar Cookies and decorate them with some pink Frosting and Sprinkle them with some edible Glitter

I just love the smell of fresh-baked cookies.. Especially in the Christmas season, they’re such a fun treat and they always taste so yummy, You can also decorate your cookies.. just as you like.. Such a fun activity for the Holliday season.. and they taste very delicious too. Such a yummy treat to have with your hot cocoa while watching your favorite Christmas movies..


6. Paint your nails in a beautiful Ballerina Pink Color

I just love to paint my nails, especially for the Holiday Season, I always go for a pretty ballerina pink color, but you use any color you like, This is really the season to go all out and to make your nails look as pretty as your Christmas decorations..


7. Make a Beautiful Ginger Bread house and decorate it in a beautiful pink color and sprinkle with some glitter

One of my most favourite activities to do during the Christmas Holliday season.. is to decorate a beautiful gingerbread house, such a fun activity.. I like to decorate my gingerbread house in some pink frosting and fondant and to decorate it with some edible glitters.. so yummy and so fun to do for the Christmas Holiday Season, I also love to listen to my favorite Christmas songs while decorating the gingerbread house..


8. Make a Delicious Pink Hot Chocolate 

I just love to make myself a delicious cup of hot cocoa during the Christmas Holliday season and to make it look even more pretty.. I just love to make myself a delicious cup of pink hot chocolate.. This is such a fun little treat and so lovely to make for the Holliday season.. You just warm up your milk and then you add some pink food dye and then you add 2 tablespoons of white chocolate chips to your milk.. Then you top it off with some whipped cream, some sprinkles and some cute marshmallows.. Such a fun little treat for the Holiday season and it looks very princessy as well.. Truly so adorable..

9. Watch your Favorite Christmas Inspired Hallmark Movies 

I just love to watch the Christmas Hallmark movies during the Holliday season.. They’re always so beautiful and they always truly bring me into the Christmas spirit with all of the beautiful decorations.. The lovely little villages, all the beautiful Christmas light and all the heartwarming Christmas stories.. I just love to get all cozy on the couch under a cozy blanket while wearing my favourite Christmas PJ’s or my favorite nightgown, Light my favourite Christmas candle (I love the Yankee Christmas Cookies Candle) and to watch my favourite Christmas Hallmark movies while drinking a delicious cup of hot chocolate and some delicious Christmas cookies..


10. Bake a Delicious Cake and decorate it for Christmas

I just love to bake, especially in the Christmas Season and I just love to make a delicious cake, with some delicious pink and white frosting and to make it look very magical and to make it taste very delicious.


11. Put up your Christmas Tree and decorate it with some beautiful Ornaments in Beautiful Pink, White and Golden colors

I just love to put up our Christmas Tree, It’s one of my most favourite traditions.. I just make myself a delicious cup of hot chocolate, then I put on my favourite Christmas songs and just start decorating our tree, every year I like to decorate our tree in beautiful pink, white and golden colors they’re my favourite.. But you can decorate your tree in any way that you like.. Such a fun activity to do for the Christmas Holiday Season..

12. Wear some Beautiful Pink Christmas Inspired Heels 

When I am wearing my beautiful Christmas Princess inspired dress, I love to wear some beautiful pink Christmas Inspired heels underneath.. I just love to dress up, especially in the Holliday Season. It’s just so fun to go all out and dress up like a beautiful Christmas Princess..


13. Decorate your Home for the Christmas Holidays 

One of my most favourite things to do for the Holliday Season is to decorate our home.. I just love to go all with Nutcrackers, Pink Little Reindeers, Ballerina ornaments, This year I created a little Christmas Village with pretty pink houses.. It’s just so fun to go all out and to decorate your home like a whole pink winter wonderland.. You can see my Pink Winter Wonderland Decorations from last year here.. It’s just so fun to decorate your home for the Christmas Holidays.. Last year I went for a Pink Nutcracker inspired theme and this year I’ve added some Swans to our Christmas decorations and to go for a Swan Lake Princess theme this year.. So much fun.. It’s just so magical to decorate your home for the Holliday season and you can decorate it any way you like, just remember the bigger and better and just go all out, have fun with it and make your home look really pretty during the Christmas Holliday season..


14. Decorate your Home with some Beautiful Flowers 

I just love to decorate our home with beautiful flowers, especially during the holiday season.. It’s so much fun and everything just looks so pretty and magical and I always love to add some beautiful pink flowers into our Christmas decorations..


15. Treat yourself to some Delicious Chocolates 

I just love to treat myself to some delicious chocolates.. Especially during the Christmas Holliday season, such a delicious treat and if it were up to me.. I could eat some delicious chocolates all day long.. So yummy

These are some amazing tips for how to spend the Christmas Holliday Season feeling like a princess.. I truly hope I can inspire you and I am wishing you the most magical holiday seasons filled with lots of Love, Joy Health and Happiness.. May you can spend it with your Loved ones and may all your hopes and dreams come true.. Sending you Lots of Love

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