I am so excited to share this post with you today.. London is always such a magical place, especially in the Winter Season the perfect place to spend the perfect girly weekend.. everything truly looks so beautiful and so magical and here are 10 tips to have the perfect girly weekend in London..

1. Go and see a Ballet in the Theater

Go and visit a Ballet for the Winter Season, on top of my list is the Nutcracker, I watch this ballet during the holiday season all the time on the television and I love to see it in a real live version. Me and my girlfriends love to watch the Nutcracker documentary every year, here they show how the ballet comes to live every year how they caste the different characters Clara and the Sugarplum fairy and of course the Nutcracker and the little mouses who are actually little children (so fun to watch).. It’s truly so fun to watch and I really would love to watch the show in London during the Christmas Holliday season some time.. Such a dream come true..


2. Go Shopping at Harold’s and admire all the beautiful decorations

There is nothing that is more fun then to go shopping in London and to find all the beautiful treasures for your loved ones and admire the beautiful Christmas decorations in all the beautiful shops.. Such a fun treat to look at and to have a delicious hot chocolate from Starbucks afterwards while having a delicious treat.


3. Go Ice skating at the Natural History Museum Ice Rink 

It’s so much fun to go ice skating, especially in the winter months.. Get yourself and your girlfriends some beautiful skates and go ice skating between all the beautiful twinkling lights.. and feel like beautiful winter princesses..

4. Visit Winter Wonderland

Have a magical time at the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park, visit the cute little Christmas markets, have some declines treats like some Belgian Chocolate Waffles and some Biscoff hot cocoa.. and feel like a true Winter Princess visiting this magical place with your girlfriends..


5. Have a Hot Chocolate and some Delicious Cupcakes at Peggy Porschen

After going ice skating go to Peggy Porschen to warm up with some delicious hot chocolate and some delicious cupcakes inspired by the Sugarplum Fairy and feel like a true Winter Princess


6. Bundle up in a Cashmere Scarf and woollen mittens 

Feel like a true winter princess and get all bundled up in a beautiful cashmere scarf and some woollen mittens, get all warm and cozy outside and get all bundled up..

7. Have some Lunch and make Instagrammable photos at Elan Cafe 

Have a delicious lunch at Elan cafe and make some instagrammeble photo’s, Elan cafe is one of London’s most beautiful cafe.. everything is adorned with florals, love hearts and truly look so magical the perfect place to have a girly lunch and make some beautiful photos for your Instagram.


8. Have some Tea and Dessert at Laduree

Treat yourself with a delicious cup of tea from laduree and treat yourself with a dessert inspired by Marie Antionette.. Laduree is inspired by the queen of Paris and all of their deserts look like they’re coming straight from the palace of Versailles such a little treat for a winter girly day in London..

9. Go and Visit Covent Garden

Covent Garden is such a magical place in London.. especially in the winter months.. everything is beautifully decorated and it just looks like a magical winter wonderland.. there is even some snow.. The Royal Opera house Ballet performances are there too and there are many cute little restaurants and cafes where you can truly treat yourself.. There are also a few cute little Christmas market stands with all kinds of delicious treats like hot chocolate and chocolate waffles and it truly feels like you are in a Winter Wonderland just a little outside of the centre of London..


10. Have a Delicious Afternoon Tea at the Ritz

Feel like a true winter princess and treat yourself to a delicious high tea at the Ritz hotel.. The Ritz hotel has one of the most beautiful and delicious afternoon high tea’s.. treat yourself to some delicious scones, a collection of carefully selected pastries and enjoy the beautiful interior of the Ritz Hotel and feel like a true princess..

These were some tips for how to have the perfect girly weekend in London.. London truly looks so magical, especially in the winter months.. I truly hope I can inspire you with these tips to feel like a Winter Princess in London.. I am wishing you a beautiful day filled with lots of love, joy health and happiness.. May you can spend it with your loved ones and may all your dreams and wishes come true.. Sending you lots of love..

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