Hello, my sweet friends.. I am so excited to share this post with you today.. This month is my birthday month and I thought it would be so lovely to share some wonderful tips for how to feel like a beautiful princess for your birthday.. One of my most favourite things that I love to do for my birthday is to have a relaxing, Spa/ Pamper day.. I think that it’s so important to practice self-care.. Especially with everything that’s going on in the world.. I just try to switch off turn off my social media, turn off the news etc and try to focus on some things that make me happy.. I have to admit the past few weeks I have been glued on all the social media channels, the news etc. but I really felt so powerless there is nothing that I really can do other than to donate which I did and to send things for people in need, but other than that we just have to wait and see what’s next the positive thing that I see in the world is that there is a lot of love, many people are helping each other, many people are volunteering, countries working together and condemn the horrors that are going on which is something that shows me that there is still a lot of love, light and hope in this world and I think that that’s something that we need be holding on too.. and I know that it’s not easy, especially for the people who are so terribly affected by this.. But I do hope that I can give you some light some love and hope on your day even if it’s just for a little moment.. That’s why I wanted to give some lovely tips for how to practice self-care and how to manage through these difficult times knowing there is a bright future in front of us.. It’s all about the little things and trying to live in the moment:

Be Soft and Gentle

The only thing that we can do now that there is so much chaos and hate in the world is to be kind and gentle for the people around us and especially to ourselves, take care of yourself be kind to yourself, treat yourself and take some beautiful precious moments for yourself try to be still and do something like having a delicious cup of tea, watch a movie or even read a magazine just something to get your mind off and to just be in the moment and to do something you love.. Be soft and gentle to the people around you, be kind to them give them a smile have a little talk know that everyone is going through something and just listen to them and be kind, especially when they’re not kind to you, that are usually the people that need your kindness and softness the most.. Just show them that you are here, give them a gentle smile and show that kindness always wins over hatred..


Offer to Help Those in Need

With everything that’s going on, there is nothing more important than to help each other, help where you can do what you can, Social Media is such a powerful tool, especially in these dark times, show people you care, to share some kind words on your stories show them that light always overcomes darkness and that hatred and darkness never wins.. I’ve seen some terrible things on social media and the news these past weeks and my heart goes out to everyone going through this.. But I do believe in my heart that honesty and kindness always wins, I worked myself up over things, but I learned that there are just bad people in the world and the only way to beat these people is to try to understand where they are coming from and to just let it be.. There is nothing that we can do we cannot change someone’s mind, we don’t have that power in us we don’t have control over these things. The only things that we are having control over is our own lives our now reactions to what is happening with us right now. I know that it’s hard and I know it’s not easy but I do know that better times are ahead, how far that might seem for many of you right now and I know that, but know in your heart that there is a tomorrow there is a new day and every day we are having the chance to start over and to build something beautiful.. You are having that power, be grateful that you’re alive and try to look for a better and brighter future.. How hard it may seem and try to be kind, kindness is so powerful show the people that peace and kindness are the best gifts we can give to ourselves to each other and to the world we are living in..

Allow your Heart to be Delicate and Gentle

I know that we want to protect ourselves, protect our hearts, protect everything that we stand for.. Just try to be kind and gentle with yourself and to the people around you.. Try to focus on some positive things and always ask yourself how can I make my day better, what can I do to feel better.. and try to see the goodness in people even if it’s buried into a pile of hate, there must be some goodness in there.. One of the most important lessons that I’ve learned in my life is that there are a lot of kind and nice people they are there, and I am sure most of us all are, but unfortunately, we are living in a world where bad people are living as well, this is a choice they make.. I am sure deep down these people aren’t bad at all but they choose to look to this world in a hateful way and if you think of that, it’s very sad, we need to share love and kindness, especially to those who choose not to see that, maybe we can remind them that there is a lot of goodness in the world that not everything is as bad as they might think it is.. We need to show these people and remind them and maybe teach them to show a world filled with lots of love, lots of joy and happiness.. But I do believe that sometimes if these people only add chaos and hatred to your life it might be best to ignore them, not because you stopped loving them, but simply because they will bring you down with them and take the joy out of your life as well.. This is something that I grew up in, in my life there was a lot of pain, hatred, jealousy and drama, I had learned that I wasn’t worth of love, my choices were made for me and usually they ended up being wrong because they simply weren’t my choice and at one point I just had to stand up for myself and to decide for myself which people are lifting me up and which are bringing me down and I had to learn to cut off the toxic people in my life and I have to be honest it was the hardest choice I have ever made, but I had to do it for myself, to grow and to live the life that I deserved a happy peaceful life filled with lots of love, joy and happiness and simply to achieve that, I had to make these tough choices and I have to be honest sometimes it hurts, but I have learned that I always have to think of myself first and if the people respect and love me for who I am, they lift me up and cherish me I would love to have them in my life, but if they bring me down hurt me and cost me a lot of pain I have to make the heartbreaking decision of not letting these people in my life anymore and I truly believe that the right people will stay and you can still love the toxic people but love them from a distance just to protect your heart..



Turn of Social Media

I love Social Media there is a lot of positivity to find on there, and it always makes me so happy to see all the beautiful and inspirational posts, But when there are a lot of bad things going on, social media can really suck you into a rabbit hole of pain, sadness, anger hatred etc., especially while watching the news and youtube etc. It has always been there and I am a firm believer in not watching the news there was a whole time (a couple of years) when I never watched the news and I do have to admit these were some glory days filled with lots of happiness and peace, but these days I just feel that I need to watch the news to be on top with everything that’s going on, which on one hand I find that it’s something that I need to do but on the other hand it also brings me a lot of stress and heartache, simply because I feel helpless I feel there is only little that I can do and that pains me, it makes me sad to see these terrible images of people being threaded so badly and so unfair and if I could I want to hug them all and to tell them that everything will be okey and I just want to tell them that it’s just a bad dream and that we will wake up any moment and this isn’t really happening but unfortunately that’s not the case and it truly makes me feel so helpless and so said.. That’s why from time to time I just want to turn my social media off. I will close my eyes send all of my love and peace to everyone in need and to just pray, pray that everything will be alright and that all that is lost will be build again and that a beautiful bright future lies ahead for all of us..

Don’t watch the News

This is something that I stopped doing a couple years ago, there was a time in my life when I never watched the news, my therapist told me that one time, He told me don’t watch the news, you’re a very sensitive person and by simply watching the news it only gives you a lot of stress and worries thinking about all the bad things you always hear in news, and you know what.. when I stopped watching it, my life was so much more peaceful, I felt so much better and I wasn’t worrying so much, maybe worrying about little things like what am I going to eat tonight or what kind of dress should I pick today.. but I wasn’t really worried about things like nature disasters, and all the bad things that are happening in the world and I have to say I find myself watching a lot of news on youtube lately not because I am really looking for it, but simply because of the fact that it’s there and I get curious and I have to admit something in me want’s to be on top of all the news but it does bring a lot of joy and peace out of my life.. So I decided to not watch the news anymore from now on and to just try to focus as much as I can on the positive things in life..


Try to Focus on the Positives

I know that it’s not always easy and I find it hard sometimes myself, but at one point in my life I have learned to always focus on the positive no matter how hard life may seem, there are so many things happening in life and every day you have the choice to focus on all the negative things in life or to turn them around and to see the positive side of things.. I know that sometimes you come to a point in your life when it’s really hard to focus on positive things or maybe you can only see the negatives but try to find the positive things how hard it may seem they’re there they are always there, it can simply be the fact that you are alive, that you have a healthy body, or even that you’re having a lot of wonderful people around you, you can even find happiness, in having a little moment to yourself in your busy scheduled day, or even enjoying a cup of tea and a delicious treat.. Just try to find some positive things in your life how hard it might seem, you will see that when you are starting doing that you will start to feel so much better and you can maybe find more positive things and attract more positive things in your life as well..

Try to Meditate

This is one thing that I used to love to do, but I have to admit I am not really doing this anymore.. But I remember that it always used to give me a lot of peace and wisdom.. There was a time in my life when I loved to meditate every morning I put on a little guided mediation and I just sit on my bed or on a little yoga mat, and I just listen to the meditation and the relaxing music.. I always felt so peaceful after meditating and it always made me so much more happier and grounded, right now I am at a point in my life when I am not really taking the time to sit, relax and let my thoughts wondering by.. and that’s okay.. I try to be kind to myself and realize that there are some periods when I love to meditate and on some periods I don’t feel the need to do it and that’s okay.. But I do feel, especially with all the chaos that’s going on, that I want to meditate more, to be more at peace


Watch your Favorite Film or Read a Good Book

There is nothing that I love more than watching my favourite film/ series or reading a good book.. When there is a lot going on in the world.. I like to turn off the news, the social media channels etc. and to just watch my favourite movies there are a couple that I really love and I usually love to watch romantic historic drama movies/ series these are my favourite.. I also love to watch a feel good movie they always help me to feel better.. I also love to read a book my favourite books are books from my childhood like the little princess and the secret garden these are my favorites.

These are some tips for how to get through these difficult times.. I hope I can inspire you and I am wishing you a wonderful day filled with lots of love, joy health and happiness.. May you can spend it with your loved ones and may all your dreams and wishes come true.. Sending you lots of love

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