There is nothing that I love more than beautiful floral dresses, it’s my dream to make a clothing line filled with the most beautiful, pastel floral and white and pink lace dresses. There is just something about floral dresses that always makes me so happy I just love how feminine they look and how they remind me of the historic times when women used to run in the fields barefoot wearing a beautiful floral dress. I just love how florals make me feel, I always get so happy when I am surrounded by beautiful flowers.
I am so in love with this beautiful Loveshackfancy dress, It just has the most beautiful floral print and I am just so in love with it. I also love the puffed sleeves they remind me of the Victorian times Era and I also love the ruffles at the bottom. But the thing that I love most about this dress is the beautiful floral pattern, it’s just so feminine and I love the beautiful colors. This dress also comes in pink which I love as well. I think that this is such a pretty and timeless dress, and if you are a little bit like me in love with Jane Austen’s stories, I think that you will love this dress too, it’s just so pretty and it takes me back to the historic times.
I’ve designed this pretty floral pillow and I just love it so much this floral print has to be one of my favorites. I called this the Merci Rose print because it’s very special to me and I hold it close to my heart. When I design florals I always give them a name I always pick names that I want to call my daughter someday and one name is even more beautiful than the other. But I do love to name my floral prints because it gives me a sense that they are a part of who I am just like having my own daughter. I always dreamed about having a little girl a mini-me and hopefully, that dream will come true soon!! I just love to daydream about all the fun things that I will do with her, dressing up like princesses wearing beautiful dresses all day long, having high tea parties together, playing dress-up, dancing, and twirling around in our dresses, going on holidays, baking cookies and cupcakes. There is just so much I want to do with my little girl and I simply cannot wait until she is finally here, and we can do all these fun things together. I hope I can inspire you and I am wishing you a beautiful day filled with love, joy health, and happiness, and may you can spend it with your loved ones.