Hello, my sweet friends.. I am so excited to share this post with you today.. I am sharing how to create these adorable cupcake mini cakes.. I’ve been seeing these adorable cakes all over Pinterest.. They are so cute.. So I decided to make some of my own.. They’re actually surprisingly easy to make.. but they’re so fun and so pretty and I couldn’t be more excited to share how I made these adorable cakes with you..

Step 1 Get some Cupcakes

You just need some cupcakes.. you can make some yourself or you can buy some already made cupcakes from the supermarket.. Then the first step is really important you take out eight cakes so you have four mini cakes in total (you use two cupcakes per mini cake) Then from four cupcakes you cut the top so that the cakes are straight you only do this for only four cakes you leave the other four normal This is so that when you stack the cupcakes they will stand firm on the bottom cake.. So you use the cake that you cut straight for the under cake and you use the normal cupcake for the top of the cake.


Step 2 Add some Frosting to the Cakes

Get a piping bag with some Frosting (for these cakes I’ve used some light pink frosting) Then you pipe all the cupcakes the bottom cakes and the top cakes..


Step 3 Stack the Cakes on Top of Each other

Once you have a swirl of frosting on all the cakes you can stack them on top of each other remember to add the normal cupcakes on the top and the cupcakes that you’ve cut straight.. on the bottom, this is so that the cupcakes will stand firm on top of each other..

Step 4 Add a Pretty Rose to the Mini Cakes

When you stacked the cakes.. two cakes on each then you will have a total of four Mini Cakes.. Then you can add a pretty rose to all the cakes and some baby breath.. I just love to add a pretty rose to the mini cakes to make it all look more pretty..


Step 5 Have a Wonderful Tea Party with these Adorable Mini Cakes

When you’ve finished these adorable cakes you add them to a beautiful Vintage plate and you get out your favourite china pieces.. Your favourite teapot, your favourite teacup and some more delicious treats like some macarons in pretty pastel colors or a delicious cake and then you have a wonderful tea party with these adorable cupcake mini cakes..

This was my little tutorial on how to make these adorable cupcake mini cakes.. I hope I can inspire you and I am wishing you a beautiful day filled with Lots of Love, Joy Health and Happiness.. May you can spend it with your Loved ones.. Sending you Lots of Love

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