Hello, my Sweet Friends.. I am so excited to share this amazing post with you today.. Lately, I’ve been loving to make tutorials for you.. I’ve seen so many beautiful cakes on Instagram and Pinterest lately that have been inspiring me so much and I am so happy to create the most beautiful Instagram famous heart-shaped cake with you today.. I am not really a baker but I saw these amazing trends on Tiktok and Youtube to turn a simple supermarket cake into a beautiful Instagram famous cake.. I’ve been seeing the heart-shaped cake all over my social media that I’ve decided to create my own Instagram famous heart shaped cake..

The funny thing about this tutorial and this challenge is that usually, the supermarket bought cakes are these beautiful birthday frosting cakes that you can find usually in America.. Here in the UK and Europe they don’t sell these gorgeous cakes, so I had to work with what our Tesco supermarket had in store and I love their £ 1,- coconut cakes you can find them here. So I decided to turn a £ 1,- Tesco coconut cake into the Instagram famous heart-shaped cake. The first thing I did was getting this cake out of the box and I used my heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut out the heart shape from this cake.. Then you get some cake frosting and a piping bag and you add the first layer of frosting to the cake this layer is called the crumb coating you just frost the whole cake with white frosting so that you have a beautiful layer of frosting over the cake ( it doesn’t have to be very neat at this point you can still see some crumbs) The crumb coating is the first coating that you add to your cake and then you smooth it out with a spatula and you make it look nice and smooth.. Then a very important step!! you add your cake to the freezer for half an hour to make the frosting hard.. After that, you get your cake from the freezer and you get some more white frosting and you add the second layer of frosting to the cake.. I like to use the piping bag to add all the frosting over the cake.. Then you smooth it all out using a spatula.. Usually, with the second coating there are no crumbs ( if you still have some crumbs you can add another layer of frosting) once it’s all smooth you add the cake to the freezer again for half an hour.. after that, you take out your cake and you start decorating the cake.. Get your piping bag and add a star swirl to your piping bag for the sides of the cake then you swirl with your piping bag some swirls around the cake just as you like them, you can add as many layers as you like as well you can pipe some beautiful swirls or some pretty shells whatever you want.. Once you’ve decorated the cake with beautiful swirls on the sides of the cake you get some light pink frosting and you swirl some pretty pink roses to the cake wherever you like them and if you want to you can add some green leaves to the roses as well.. I decided to just leave the roses pink.. Then add your cake to the freezer for a couple of hours and then you have a beautiful Instagram famous heart-shaped cake made from a 1,- Tesco cake.

This is my little tutorial on how to create this beautiful Instagram famous heart-shaped cake.. I also share a Youtube video on how to make this gorgeous cake you can watch the full video here. I had so much fun making this gorgeous cake and I cannot believe how beautiful it turned out.. I hope I can inspire you and I am wishing you a beautiful day filled with Lots of Love Joy Health and Happiness.. May you can spend it with your Loved ones.. Sending you Lots of Love.. 

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