There is nothing that I love more than a warm cozy sweater. My favorites are knitted sweaters, or vests. Especially in Fall and Winter I just love to wear a cozy vest or sweater especially over my dresses, because I love to wear dresses all year long I think that it’s so important that you invest in some sweaters and vests that will go perfectly with dresses. Here are some of my favorite sweaters to wear with beautiful dresses;

I just love the colors of this beautiful sweater and I think that they go perfectly with my pink floral dress. I think that this is the perfect look for a breezy Summer evening, a lovely day of Spring, or a cozy Fall morning. I just love that you can wear this outfit on so many different occasions, and even when it gets colder outside you can easily wear this look with some high boots or some tights and boots underneath. Here are some more beautiful sweaters that you can wear over a beautiful dress or with a pretty skirt:
I just love to pair a beautiful sweater with a dress or a skirt, I think that it’s such a cute look and that it looks so adorable. and I think that even with Fall right around the corner this is the perfect look for transitioning from Summer to Fall. Here are some of my favorite dresses and skirts to pair with a beautiful sweater:
I hope I can inspire you with this look, So that if you still want to wear dresses, but it’s too cold outside you can wear it with a beautiful cozy sweater or vest, and you will still look super cute. I am wearing a Loveshackfancy inspired look and they are selling the most beautiful sweaters and vests to go with your dresses in the most beautiful colors as well. I love the colors of this sweater, simply because they go so well with my dresses but they sell loads of different colors and styles, I will link them all for you below. I hope I can inspire you and I will see you soon with some new inspiration. I am wishing you a wonderful day filled with love joy health and happiness. May you can spend it with your loved ones.
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