I’ve been in love with the Loveshackfancy collection for years, I just love everything they made, their beautiful vintage-inspired dresses, their pretty lace dresses, their floral prints everything just looks so beautiful to me and I just love it so much. I’ve been dreaming of owning a Loveshackfancy dress for years now and I just decided to buy one, My first Loveshackfancy dress that I bought was last year and it’s the Jessie Dress you can see that dress here. I just love this dress so much it just makes you look like a garden fairy and I just love the beautiful pink floral print of this dress, I also love the delicate chiffon fabric where it’s made from and the beautiful bows and ribbons on the dress. It’s such a beautiful dress and I just love it so much.
The second Loveshackfancy dress that I’ve got is this beautiful pop overdress in beautiful pink florals you can see this dress here. I love this cute little pop overdress because I feel that you can wear it in so many different ways, You can wear it in summer as just a cute little dress, you can wear a sweater over it which makes it looks like a pretty little skirt, or you can wear it in Fall with a pretty knitted vest over it. You can also wear it in winter with some tights underneath and some cute boots. I love how versatile this dress cute little dress is and it comes in my favorite floral print as well. Here you can shop all of my favorite Loveshackfancy dresses and sweaters:
I also found this Loveshackfancy Lena dress in pink which I love so much it’s such a cute little dress and I just love the pretty bow on this dress. I also love the pretty floral print it reminds me of a Jane Austen era dress and I think that it’s just so adorable and super cute. I also love that you can wear this pretty dress and both sides you can wear it with the bow on the front with a very low neckline you can see that here, or you can wear it with the bow on the back and more covered up at the front you can see that here. I love this adorable dress and I have a feeling that when it becomes winter and Fall I can easily wear it with some black tights and some boots underneath. I think that it’s such a pretty dress to go out in.
I also found these adorable notebooks in the most beautiful floral prints, I am so in love with this print everything with pink roses I love, pink roses are my most favorite flowers and I just love how beautifully this print is made. I love the color combinations and it’s just so inspiring and beautiful to me. You can shop all my favorite Loveshackfancy dresses and notebooks here:
I just love to collect the beautiful dresses, I know that they are a little bit expensive but I do believe that they are more like an investment, it’s such a beautiful brand and their dresses are so beautifully made. and if it were up to me I would’ve own all the Loveshackfancy pieces, one piece is even prettier then the other. I want to collect dresses that make me happy, I also love to collect dresses that are inspiring me of the Jane Austen and Marie Antionette era, I’ve been looking for so many beautiful pieces now and I think that Loveshackfancy and Shabby Chic always have the most beautiful floral prints. I always find the most beautiful timeless floral pieces there in the most beautiful colors. I just want to collect these beautiful pieces and make my little collection of pieces that truly make me happy. normally I would go out and buy a dress on the high street but for some reason, they don’t make me feel as special as a Loveshackfancy piece will do, or a Reformation piece. I think that by paying more for a piece that’s from a brand you feel more like you belong to their lifestyle, as I am so in love with everything Loveshackfancy does I just love the magical world that they’ve created and I feel by wearing their dresses I become a part of their magical world, so it’s not only a dress that you are buying, it will make you feel like you are a part of their beautiful world. and that’s why I love to collect these beautiful dresses because it makes me feel special and it makes me feel like I am a part to their beautiful world filled with vintage florals and all things magical.

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