I am so excited to share this beautiful post with you. I think that these are one of my most favorite photos ever, simply because they remind me so much of a Jane Austen movie. I just love how the woman used to dress in beautiful prairie dresses and decorated their hair with pretty bows in laces and ribbons. I found this beautiful dress from Loveshackfancy and I couldn’t love it more, this dress takes me back to the 19th century and I love everything about this dress, it’s also in the perfect length and it just made me feel like I was in my own little Jane Austen world.
There is just something about the 19th era that just inspires me so much and I really and truly wished that I was born then. I just love the beautiful dresses that the woman used to wear, how they used to live and I just love to watch the romantic stories about those times, and I have to say the Jane Austen stories are always my favorite, I love to read the books, but because I am always a more visual person I just love to watch the movies and television series. There is always so much that inspires me and I am always so in love with the decor, the dresses the florals, everything just always looks so beautiful to me.
One of my most favorite Jane Austen movies has to be Austenland, I just love this movie so much and I just love to watch it over and over again, the movie is about a woman called Jane and she lives in the present time and she is very unlucky in love because she is a hopeless romantic and is always in search of her own Mr. Darcy. Then at one day, she decided to go to Austenland, an Jane Austen world created in these modern times where she can live as she is in her own Jane Austen movie. It’s such a beautiful and funny story and I just love it, so much the styling of this movie is amazing and so beautiful I love the house were they filmed, it has the most beautiful and breathtaking decor and I love the costumes that they are wearing. Everything from this movie just inspires me so much and makes me wish I could live in my own Jane Austen story. It’s really one of my most favorite movies ever, and every time that I watch it, it always makes me feel so good, I think that this movie is more a comedy, with a little bit of Jane Austen drama. I think that overall it’s just such a feel-good movie, and it has to be one of my most favorite movies ever.

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