Hello Everyone! I am so excited to share this video with you today. One of my most favorite Jane Austen stories has to be Emma I just love it so much and when this movie came out I couldn’t wait to see it!! And when it finally came on Amazone prime I immediately rented it and I just loved it so much I think that with the colors, the costumes this has to be my most favorite movie ever it’s just such a treat to watch I just love the costumes the florals, the dresses everything just looks so beautiful to me and I wish that I lived in that time period it’s just all so pretty to me. I also love the acting it’s really really good and I love the main character Emma but I also love Mr. Elton I think that he is so funny and plays it so well I just love everything about this movie it’s just so beautifully made.
This sparked the idea to make this little video of me spending the day inspired by Emma, I am wearing this beautiful dress from Loveshackfancy and it really reminds me of Emma with the puffy sleeves and the pretty pastel florals. I just get so inspired by the movie and I love how this little video turned out, I try to imagine what Emma would do in a day and I just imagining me being Emma for the day and how she would spend it. I just love to get lost in these beautiful stories it always makes me so happy to watch these movies and to just get lost in their world filled with beautiful dresses, beautiful florals, and pretty vintage pieces. I love to collect beautiful vintage-inspired dresses and vintage pieces as well it really makes me feel like I am Emma even if it’s just for a day. Here are some of my favorite Emma inspired dresses:
I am sharing 15 tips on how to spend the day like Emma, I’ve been having so much fun making this post simply because I am obsessed with the movie and I just love to watch it over and over again, Emma just always inspires me so much and I am just so fascinated by her and I feel that this is how she would spend her day. I just love to get lost into Jane Austen’s novels. It helps me to escape reality and to live in my little perfect world just as Emma is. I hope that with these tips I can inspire you to spend the day like Emma.
I also made this Emma Inspired mood board, I just love the movie so much and if you haven’t seen it, You should definitely go and watch it especially if you love Jane Austen inspired movies and stories. I had so much fun making this blog post and video for you and I definitely would love to do more videos and blog posts like this in the future, I just love to be inspired by beautiful movies and I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed making it for you. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and hopefully I will see you very soon with some new inspiration.