I am forever and always dreaming about beautiful floral and lace pieces, there is just something about florals that always makes me so happy, I used to work in a flower shop in Holland for twelve years and I have to admit it was the best job I have had, I just loved being surrounded by flowers all the time, and simply going to work was always such a treat for me. I remember whenever we got new flowers I always got so excited and I loved making beautiful bouquets for our costumers. There is just something so fulfilling about working in a flower shop.
And because I am missing being in the flower shop so much (because ever since I moved to the UK I had to left my job) I am always dreaming about flowers, I also try to spoil myself every week with a beautiful bouquet, simply to get that magical feeling of being surrounded by flowers all day long. I also studied Fashion and graphic design, and I knew that I wanted to bring these passions together, that’s when I came up to the idea to design my floral pieces, and I couldn’t be happier about that, every floral piece reminds me of being surrounded by the most beautiful florals and it always makes me so happy. There is just something so magical about flowers to me. So I hope that I can inspire you and that I can make you as happy as, I am when I see some beautiful flowers whether it’s a in beautiful floral print, a floral dress or anything else with florals.
I hope that I can inspire you, and if you love florals a much as I do you can simply not have too many floral pieces. I love pastel-colored florals, simply because they make me so happy and blush pink roses are my favorite. I always have a love for soft pastel colors. I think that these colors are so soft and feminine and I can always dream about living in the historic times when men and women used to have picnics when they were dancing in the fields where people were always out in nature enjoying al the beauty that nature has to offer. I just love to daydream about florals and beautiful little moments like these. Thank you so much for stopping by and I am wishing you a beautiful day filled with love joy health and happiness. May you can spend it with your loved ones.