I am just such a hopeless romantic dreamer, and there is nothing that I love more than to daydream. I love to watch romantic drama movies they always make me so happy and I could daydream about them all day long, I think that living in the modern times it’s sometimes hard to get lost in beautiful romantic drama stories, that’s why I love to get lost in these books or series. I love to wear beautiful dresses that remind me of these stories and I am so in love with the Loveshackfancy dresses, they really take me to these historic times and by wearing them I truly feel like I am in my own Jane Austen movie, there is just something so magical about the Loveshackfancy dresses they are so beautifully made and they have the most beautiful floral dresses, inspired by the Victorian time era. Here you can shop all my favorite Jane Austen inspired dresses:

I just love to dress in beautiful dresses that remind me of the Jane Austen Era, I think that there is always something so timeless and authentic about these dresses. When I think about Jane Austen inspired dresses. I think about beautiful dresses with puffed sleeves, in beautiful Linnen or chiffon fabrics. Beautiful long maxi dresses that make you feel feminine and pretty. The dress that I am wearing is the Loveshackfancy Angie dress and it truly reminds me of a Jane Austen dress, with the beautiful floral print, the gorgeous fabric, and the gorgeous length which is perfect for me. I just love to dress up like I am in a Jane Austen novel it helps me to escape reality and to live in my own beautiful fairytale. Here you can shop all my favorite Jane Austen inspired dresses: