Hallo, everyone! I am so excited to share my very first youtube video with you, over the last couple of years I’ve been collecting all of my favorite Loveshackfancy dresses. I just love their dresses so much they are so beautiful and they remind me of the Jane Austen/ Marie Antionette era they are just so beautiful and I just love them so much. This is one of my very first youtube videos and I had so much fun creating this video for you. I am a real romantic at heart and I just love everything from the Victorian Era and sometimes I just wished I was born then, but I just wear these beautiful dresses, so it feels that I am from that era. I just love to twirl around in my beautiful dresses they make me feel so pretty and they remind me of all the beautiful Jane Austen series that I love to watch.
The thing that I always love the most is that the woman used to wear these beautiful gowns, I remember growing up that I always wanted to wear pretty dresses that remind me of that time and now that I am older I just love to collect these beautiful dresses. You can find my favourite Loveshackfancy dresses here:
The Loveshackfancy dresses are just so beautiful and I want to collect them all, there is just something so magical about wearing a beautiful Loveshackfancy dress it truly transforms you into this magical beautiful world where anything is possible, where you can be as girly as you want and where you can walk barefoot on the grass, having romantic picnics in the garden, picking beautiful flowers and have lovely dinners on a beautifully decorated table filled with beautiful florals, lace, napkins, and gorgeous flowers, I am so in love with the world of Loveshackfancy and their dresses truly take me into a beautiful world where anything is possible, everythingis beautiful and covered with beautiful florals. I also made this beautiful Loveshackfancy mood board filled with beautiful flowers, dresses, and all things pretty and romantic.
Thank you so much for visiting my blog and my youtube channel and hopefully I will see you very soon with some new inspiration. Lots of Love

You can watch: